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Is your company active in the sector of oil products?
Managing the excise suspension regime and/or the reporting and payment of duties and taxes (TICPE, CPSSP, TGAP) cannot be improvised.

Compliance Excise TICPE, CPSSP / CSO, TGAP / TIRUERT

Having previously held indirect tax management functions with traders of oil products, gas and electricity,  at FISCALEAD we are familiar with the practices of the sector and the different types of oil products:

  • the specificities of the modes of transport of oil products by truck, barge or pipeline
  • the tax-exempt or non-tax-exempt uses and their supporting documents (fuelling ticket, excise status of the recipients, etc.).
  • the distinction between excisable and non-excisable products and their supporting documents (in particular T1 or T2, DAE or DSA)

Thanks to this expertise, FISCALEAD is THE most experienced and knowledgeable partner on indirect tax matters for companies selling and distributing oil products in Europe.


We declare your petroleum VAT and inherent duties and taxes in France: TICPE, CPSSP (equivalent to the contribution to strategic stocks) and TGAP / TIRUERT.


We can also, under certain conditions, make our status of Registered Consignee available to you for the reception of oil products.

We maintain your excise accounts in compliance with customs regulations and manage all reporting obligations (AH1, AH2, FRA, PPE under ISOPE)

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Request for Excise Status

Deliveries of oil products to unregistered operators

You sell oil products to customers that do not have a French excise number. The products are dispatched from a tax warehouse located in another EU Member State.

In principle, you should pay the excise duties in the Member State of departure AND in France (TICPE), the country of arrival of the products. You would then have to ask for the reimbursement of the duties paid in your Member State of departure... How to prove the payment of the duties on arrival? Isn't this flow negatively impacting your cash flow?

FISCALEAD will set up for you the authorisations required to maintain an excise suspensive regime at the departure of the goods, and to pay the excise duties in the country of consumption of the products, avoiding superfluous refund claims.

Refuelling of aircrafts or vessels

You deliver aviation fuel or fuel used in supplying vessels. The products are shipped from a tax warehouse located in another EU Member State OR delivered from a fuel depot OR a barge.

You are responsible to check, justify and record the excise status of the recipient of the products and the use that will be made of them.

FISCALEAD will set up for you the authorisations required to ensure that the suspensive regime is maintained as far as possible in the distribution chain. We will also help you to set up an audit trail justifying the potential exemptions applicable to your deliveries, and will assist you for the payment of excise duties in France if necessary.

As soon as your excise status is granted, you can delegate to us the management of this status:

  • Managing and maintaining your excise accounting
  • Management of entries in GAMMA, the French platform for EMCS and declarations under ISOPE, for your account

Rgardless of the nature of your deliveries, FISCALEAD prepares and submits your application
for excise status in France according to the needs identified:

🗹 the Authorised Warehouse Keeper status that allows to receive, store and dispatch excise goods under excise duty suspension regime
🗹 the Registered Consignee status that allows to receive excise goods dispatched from another EU Member State under excise duty suspension regime and to release them for consumption

🗹 the status of Certified Consignee (CC) which allows to receive excise goods shipped from another Member State and already released for consumption duty paid.

🗹 the status of Certified Consignor (CC) which allows duty-paid shipment of excise goods to another Member State to a Certified Consignee (CC).

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