Operational Advisory

Regardless of the topics on which you want to be accompanied, FISCALEAD will always provide you with:
🗹 a clear budget either based on time spent or a fixed price
🗹 no additional surprise billing (any additional cost is subject to prior validation by the client)
🗹 an exchange of information subject to the highest confidentiality (NDA / CA)
🗹 a secured data exchange platform

Are you an independent law firm which would like to enrich your advice and consultations with a VAT / Customs / Excise review from a practical point of view?

FISCALEAD is the ideal partner to enable you to anticipate all the practical implications of your legal and tax consultations in matters of VAT, Customs, Excise.

  • What are the prerequisites for customs authorisation? Which service providers will have to be mandated by your client for the fiscal and logistic implementation?
  • What are the declarative impacts and how to limit the tax cost of the supply chain?

 As a lawyer, you provide tax advice and we enrich it with our practical experience for your consultations and due diligence.

Contact us for an exchange, we will send you our budget within a maximum of 24 hours.

You are a company and would like to carry out a complete review of your VAT schemes?

FISCALEAD is the ideal firm to review your flows, your invoices and the configuration of your information systems.

  • Which European VAT numbers to use?
  • How to ensure a correct intrastat reporting?
  • How can we reorganize the collect and archiving of proofs of transport?

More than 60% of tax audits terminate with a VAT adjustment, contact us for a budget.

You are a company active in the field of alcoholic beverages and would like to develop your expansion with the help of our consultants specialised in Alcohol Excise duties?

FISCALEAD assists major e-commerce companies as well as start-ups in the implementation of the most appropriate excise scheme considering their logistical constraints.
For example, our assistance can take the form of :

  • a clear memo explaining the different excise regimes in Europe
  • assistance in setting up your IT systems and tax codes
  • the excise classification of your entire product catalogue for different EU Member States

And of course a European compliance declarative solution.

Your company would like to review its flows at the light of BREXIT?
It's never too late!


Our support includes:

🗹 Your EORI number in the UK / FR
🗹 Your VAT number in the UK / FR and the appointment of a compulsory fiscal representative when required
🗹 Our recommendations as to the most appropriate customs procedures to limit the impact of the additional customs costs due to BREXIT
🗹 The implementation of registered exporter status to allow you to benefit from a preferential origin for your eligible goods
🗹 Our assistance in setting up the recommended scheme and maintaining the requested customs procedures if necessary

For any question or budget request, contact us.
We assure you of an answer within a maximum of 48 working hours.

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