Your AEO authorization

The AEO authorization allows any company established within the European Union (EU) with import/export operations (SME or large company) to acquire a quality label on the customs and security-security processes it implements.

Issued by the French customs authorities, the AEO authorization is recognized throughout the EU and in countries that have signed mutual recognition agreements (China and the United States in particular). AEO authorisations are granted on the basis of the criteria set out in Articles 39 a) to e) of the Union Customs Code (UCC).

The advantages brought by the Authorised Economic Operator authorisation are numerous. This status gives you easier access to customs authorisations such as Registered Exporter or to the various customs procedures (such as inward or outward processing, which are very useful if you wish to limit the impact of Brexit on your cross-Channel operations).

Moreover, the approach is structuring for the company as it requires a review of all the processes of the logistics and customs declaration chain, in the same way as a customs audit.

The AEO certification process allows you to evaluate and then control your customs and security processes.

Why applying for AEO status?

The use of AEO status is strongly encouraged by the customs administration itself. It is a label of confidence awarded to operators that it recognises as being reliable.

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A relationship of trust with customs

Once the AEO authorization has been obtained, a relationship of trust is established with customs, which becomes the company's partner. It gives the company access to facilitations and simplifies the granting of customs authorizations. 

Competitive advantages

In commercial relations, holding an AEO authorization facilitates trade with countries that are parties to international agreements recognizing the status of reliable AEO operator. This provides a real competitive advantage if you trade with American, Chinese or European counterparts.

Improved structuring of the customs function

In addition to the benefits granted by the status, the certification process will give you an overview of your company's customs function and allow you to assess risk points, improvements and opportunities to secure and optimise your customs function.

Too few companies have already been through this AEO certification process, even though they allow for a better communication.
between employees (acounting / logistics / commercial functions) and the implementation or improvement of readability and internal control tools.

How do you apply for your AEO status?

FISCALEAD assists you in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of your application for AEO status.

File creation

In a structured approach, we follow the self-assessment questionnaire as foreseen by the European Commission. We prepare valid, accurate and convincing answers for the purpose of obtaining the certification.

Restitution of key points

We will provide you with a report highlighting the areas of risks and remediation actions as well as the customs opportunities we have identified.

Assistance during the AEO audit performed by customs authorities

We prepare you for the initial audit performed by the customs administration, taking into account the points of attention raised during the mission, and can be there with you, if you wish, during the audit.

For any question or budget request, contact us.
We assure you of an answer within a maximum of 48 working hours.

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