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Aspecialist in taxes and indirect contributions, FISCALEAD is THE most experienced and knowledgeable partner in alcohol excise duties for producers and traders in wine, beer, spirits and champagnes.
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Excise Compliance: declarative solution VAT + Excise in Europe

As soon as your sales flows are determined and only one declarative solution is missing to increase your alcohol sales volumes in Europe, we prepare, check and transmit the VAT returns and excise liquidations on the list of Member States you have chosen.

According to your needs, our excise expertise is at your service with great flexibility per country:

  • Provision of our Registered Consignee numbers in Europe
  • Tax representation or tax mandate excise alcohol
  • Managing your excise statuses in EMCSon your behalf

What is the added value of FISCALEAD's alcohol declaration services?

At FISCALEAD, you have a dedicated account manager who takes care of all your excise and VAT reporting obligations. We ensure perfect compliance for these two taxes, including also upon request soda tax, packaging taxes or other contributions.

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No obligation to store your drinks in our warehouses

transport excise taxad

Put an end to the trade barrier of excise formalities and their local specificities

EU fiscalead excise duty

European coverage of the alcohol market and e-commerce of alcoholic beverages without risk of tax fraud

Spirits fiscalad excise e-commerce

Subscribing to FISCALEAD's VAT + Excise declaration solution allows you to access to :

🗹 a white paper on excise regulations for each country subscribed
🗹 a data exchange platform that reminds you of your key deadlines for paying duties and taxes and sending data
🗹 upon request, the setting up of an API between our platform and your e-commerce alcohol online shops
🗹 the provision of a qualified excise manager at your service

Contact us for a personalized quotation!

Consulting Roadmap Excise

Over the years, we have met many companies, faced various operations and exchanged our views on their tax and logistic issues. Although excise duties are well controlled for domestic (e.g. French-French) sales, producers and traders often face lots of difficulties for so-called "export" sales.

The term "export" sales is often used to designate sales outside France. However, from a tax point of view, a distinction must be made between sales to other Member States (intra-Community deliveries or distance sales) and sales to countries outside the European Union (exports).

These difficulties are most often a direct result of regulations that require the tax treatment and documentation requirements to be adapted to :

  1. the country of destination,
  2. the quality of the recipient, B2C or B2B (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés or wine merchants versus private individuals),
  3. the excise status of the customer (registered tax warehouse, registered consignee, temporary registered consignee or any customer type without excise status),
  4. and sometimes even the type of alcohol sold.
Excise duty EU fiscad B2C distant sales

How to manage the specificity of these flows in a standard IT system?
Who can assist you in the development of your IT tools?

FISCALEAD accompanies you from excise modeling to IT implementation.

➤ During a first appointment (by phone, video or physical) you will explain to us the typolgy of your operations.

You tell us about YOUR strategic orientations and priorities to increase your coverage of the European market, to start or extend your B2C sales in e-commerce, to avoid administrative and reporting constraints for your customers...

We will map out your interests together, defining the Member States of your choice so that we can get back to you at the end of this meeting with a detailed budget and a schedule for carrying out the work.

Our goal:

Advise you on an excise and VAT scheme that will allow you to maximise your sales in compliance with regulations, all WITHOUT impacting your supply chain!

Regardless of the nature of your deliveries, FISCALEAD constitutes your request for
for excise status in France according to the needs identified:

🗹 the Authorised Warehouse Keeper status that allows to receive, store and dispatch excise goods under excise duty suspension regime
🗹 the Registered Consignee status that allows to receive excise goods dispatched from another EU Member State under excise duty suspension regime and to release them for consumption

🗹 the status of Certified Consignee (CC) which allows to receive excise goods shipped from another Member State and already released for consumption duty paid.

🗹 the status of Certified Consignor (CC) which allows duty-paid shipment of excise goods to another Member State to a Certified Consignee (CC).

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