Indirect customs representation 

Having difficulties in finding an indirect customs representative? FISCALEAD offers you a solution!

Importer of Records (IOR)

A company that imports into the European Union without being established in the EU has 3 possibilities:

  1. Appoint an indirect customs representative, which most customs representatives/carriers refuse to do; OR
  2. Set up a company in the EU (high costs and exposure to additional tax and legal risks); OR
  3. Designate a Third Party Importer established in the EU (or Importer Of Records "IOR")
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Differences between a direct and indirect customs representative

When a non-EU consignor wishes to import goods into the EU, he must appoint an indirect customs representative in accordance with the requirements of the EU Customs Code.

Direct Customs Representation

Customs import declarations are completed on behalf of the importing company.

Limited customs liability

Indirect customs representation

Customs import declarations are completed in the name of the indirect customs representative on behalf of the importing company.

Full customs liability

Why use our IOR services?

IOR/EOR online services

We offer non-EU shippers a paperless and user-friendly process to use our IOR services. From our customs risk assessment process to online payment and the electronic signing of our IOR service contract, our offer is designed to make shipping, and therefore selling, to the EU possible again and free you from burdensome obligations:

➢ Customs classification, valuation and origin are more secure. They are double-checked by FISCALEAD, for our own risk assessment, but also to ensure full compliance for you as a shipper;
➢ FISCALEAD is established in the EU, so that the use of indirect representation is no longer necessary (nor the creation of a European company);
➢ Import VAT will always be recoverable by the seller, even when FISCALEAD acts as an IOR

Third Party Exporter of Records (EOR)

When a non-EU company wishes to export from France, it cannot act as an exporter from a customs point of view. It must therefore appoint a trusted third party to take responsibility for the export (EOR).

Why use our EOR services?

FISCALEAD gives you access to our ThirdExporter service. This service will not only allow you to export your goods from anywhere in the European Union, but also to do so in full compliance with customs regulations.

Our services are available for both goods subject to specific customs restrictions and goods not subject to restrictions.

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the online Exporter of Records solution

Our FISCALEAD IOR / EOR solution is LIGHT, SECURE and EVOLVING. It avoids the need for shippers to establish an EU company just to be able to carry out import and/or export operations in the EU.

If you are a customs representative or a non-EU company, contact us for more information!
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