Your Approved / Registered Exporter Status

You wish to benefit from a preferential origin for your imported or exported goods and thus take advantage of a free trade agreement in force (such as the UK EU trade agreement applicable for the Brexit...)?

approved exporter

The status of Registered or Approved Exporter is required for the certification of this preferential origin and you don't know where to start?

  • How to manage the volume of products to be certified on the one hand and the countries to which the certification of origin will have to be presented on the other hand?
  • How in practice can you prove the work carried out in a given country or customs union?
  • You have a lot of suppliers in the production chain how do you organise the collection of documents and information?

You can view the list of agreements in force here, for which the status of Registered or Approved Exporter is required.

How to obtain your Registered or Approved Exporter status?

FISCALEAD assists you in the preparatory work, formatting, submission and follow-up of the application for the granting of Approved / Registered Exporter status.


Our standardised procedures enable us to carry out this work within a controlled time and budget.


We diligently monitor the processing of the application until it is obtained.

Turnkey solution

We assist you in setting up the formal requirements for the certification of origin once you have obtained the status of Approved / Registered Exporter and advise you on how to maintain this authorisation.

For any question or budget request, contact us.
We assure you of an answer within a maximum of 48 working hours.

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