Tax representation: managing your VAT


Tax Agent and VAT Fiscal Representative

FISCALEAD is a certified tax representative and represents you before the European tax authorities for the preparation, control and submitting of your VAT and Intrastat declarations on your behalf. Local specificities are anticipated and managed to ensure you a perfect compliance.

E-Declarations and e-payment

Many Member States require electronic filing and/or electronic payment of VAT returns. This requires computer settings and the obtaining and installation of a dedicated electronic certificate. We are equipped to file your returns, contact us!

VAT Management

On the same platform, you have access to all your past declarations, file your purchase and sales reports, and can manage all your VAT exposures. Everything is accessible on your personal space: you can view your deadlines and receive reminders of payments and sending of  VAT information.

Billing rules

Errors or omissions on every invoice are increasingly punished in the event of a tax audit. Review with us the compulsory statements on invoices.

When do you have to register for VAT in an EU Member State?

Registration is required in a Member State when:
🗹 You carry out intra-Community supplies of goods from that Member State;
🗹 You carry out exports from that Member State;
🗹 You carry out sales of goods and/or services to private individuals or to persons not subject to VAT;
🗹 You carry out taxable services instead of services for which no reverse charge mechanism is applicable.

In certain circumstances, registration may be requested, although it is not made compulsory:
🗹 You wish to benefit from facilitations such as the reverse charge of import VAT;
🗹 The turnover of your distance sales does not exceed the registration threshold in force but you still wish to register for VAT (subject to change with the entry into force of the OSS or One-Stop Shop distance sales.

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VAT refunds 13th Directive

Non-EU companies can claim a refund of VAT incurred in a Member State where they are not registered for VAT. As your tax representative, we will file the refund application with the tax authorities on your behalf.
We will review all invoices, proof of payment and characterise them for the purpose of exercising your right to deduct VAT in order to obtain a refund.

See here the list of expenditure eligible for VAT reimbursement by Member State.

We are experienced in complex international flows and in managing the volume of your operations.

Refunds of VAT incurred on imports require special attention and a thorough understanding of customs regulations in order to be secure. Did you know that you are obliged to appoint a tax representative in France if you import goods?

Contact us to get our price list for all your VAT refunds for the 13th Directive!

IOSS / OSS Registration: Guiding you through the E-commerce VAT reform

The Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) is an electronic system allowing taxable persons supplying telecommunication, broadcasting and electronic services to consumers in the EU to declare and pay, in a single Member State, the VAT due in all EU Member States.

From 1st July 2021, the Mini One-Stop Shop (MOSS) is extended to :

  • all B2C services provided in Member States where the provider is not established,
  • to intra-Community distance selling of goods,
  • and certain domestic supplies of goods.

It will thus become a one-stop shop (OSS). In addition, a new scheme is created for the declaration and payment of VAT on distance sales of low-value goods imported from third countries or third territories: the One-Stop Shop for Imports (IOSS).

If you are performing Distance Selling of Imported Goods and opt for IOSS, you must appoint an intermediary who will carry out all IOSS formalities on your behalf. Thanks to IOSS, you will benefit from import VAT and customs duty exemptions for your so-called low-value shipments (i.e. not exceeding €150 in intrinsic value). This intermediary will have to master the VAT rules but also have a good knowledge of the customs regulations.

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