Audit of the Customs function

Whether for due diligence purposes or for the preparation of an AEO authorization, confirm or invalidate risks, measure them and then implement remedial actions, the audit of your customs function is an essential preventive act.

Our experience allows us to start the work with core tests and questions, enriched with your specificities(specific goods subject to regulatory constraints, or particular supply or sales flows).

We propose you to go through a standardised course :

  • Identification of key roles and organization of interviews ;
  • Identification of your supply chain, the different flows of goods, import and export.
Analysis and Stress test
  • Review of the application of the fundamentals in the field of tariff, customs valuation and origin ;
  • Gap analysis and functional risk areas ;
  • Stress testing of archiving functions and the ability to justify customs postings.
Remediation and opportunities
  • Submission of a report highlighting risk areas and opportunities in customs matters ;
  • Remediation and/or mitigation actions: risk assessment and opportunity impact study.

Following this audit of your customs function, we can assist you in implementing the remediation actions and special customs procedures that you could benefit from, in order to optimize your customs strategy.

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